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Position:MissionNext Webmaster
Purpose:Provide overall Web support for all MissionNext Web sites
Key Duties: 
1. Work with web Ministry Directors and VP of Program Development to develop, maintain and support new and existing web sites.
2. Work with web Ministry Directors and graphic designers to create and refine compelling graphic design for web sites.
3. Install updates to plugins, themes and other web components, implement changes in web infrastructure, adding/changing/removing web pages while ensuring security, speed, functionality, and reliability.
4. Develop methods to test new plugins, web changes, and other new content without impacting customers
5. Provide training as needed to enable MissionNext staff to implement web text, image and video content.
6. Communicate to the web Ministry Directors and MissionNext leadership on web development progress, security issues and scheduled downtime.
7. Use trouble ticket system to track and resolve reported problems in production web sites.
8. Maintain complete integrity and biblical standards in all aspects of development.
Education:College graduate in computer science, engineering or related field or equivalent.
Experience:Accomplishments and track record in Web infrastructure, design and support.
Requirements:Personable, good communication and people skills, dependent on prayer, spiritually mature, demonstrated expertise in web development tools, (Themes, plugins, PHP and CSS coding), IT infrastructure including web domains, security and hosting.
Preferences:Experience in web hosting, security, WordPress, Divi, MOD-X, PostgreSQL, other development tools and plugins, good analytical skills and customer orientation.

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