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Position:Military Mobilization Analyst
Purpose:Develops and executes strategies to mobilize separating military for positions as Kingdom Workers.
Key Duties: 
Staff Interaction:
1. Maintains a Christ-like interactive relationship with other MN staff members.
2. Strives to create an affirming environment with staff. Promotes a culture of constant process improvement in the planning and execution of events.

External Communication:
1. Works closely with MN partner agencies, military chaplains, para-church military ministries and churches - listening to their stated needs, communicating the benefit of military mobilization, and promoting MissionNext as an effective tool for their consideration.
2. Provides editorial content for social media, websites and blogs through solicitation or direct preparation.

Strategic Planning & Execution:
1. In conjunction with the VP for Military Mobilization, develops and executes strategies to position MissionNext to effectively mobilize separating military for positions as Kingdom Workers.
2. Through collaboration with stakeholders in para-church ministries, churches and military chapel programs, develops specific activities to challenge military personnel to consider Kingdom work as an alternative to traditional secular work.
3. Assists stakeholders in casting the vision for military personnel to see how their God-provided leadership and skills are a perfect fit for Kingdom work.
4. Coordinates all details essential for a successful event, including meals, schedules, coaches, speakers, music, housing and materials.
5. Communicates in a patient manner with coaches and staff under sometimes stressful conditions.
6. Prepares annual budget and closely monitors financial results.
Education:College graduate desired
Experience:Extended active duty time in any military service and familiarity with military ministry groups, chapels and military-focused churches is highly desired.
Requirements:1. Personable, excellent verbal and written communication skills, dependent on prayer and spiritually mature. 2. Since there is no office space for this position, incumbent will work from home using his/her own computer and high-speed internet. There is no in-person contact, other than at events. Day-to-day contact is via email, telephone and video conferencing. 3. The time commitment will vary greatly depending on the schedule - typically 16-20 hours per week. 4. This is a self-supporting position. Expenses for approved travel are reimbursed. 5. Travel to events and meetings is required. 6. Due to the virtual nature of our teamwork, candidate must be a self-starter, willing to stay on task without regular face-to-face interaction.
Preferences:1. Knowledge of missions and MissionNext products, forums and Journey Deepens events. 2. The candidate will preferably have experience with, or willingness to learn various software platforms such as: Microsoft Outlook, Office, Office 365, virtual communication tools (such as GoToMeeting), bulk email programs (such as Constant Contact), customer service software (such as Customer Relationship Management tools) as appropriate.

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