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Talent Assessment

We recommend the IDAK Online Talent Discovery Guide™ for making an assessment of the natural talents and innate skills of those in your congregation.  Natural talents are part of one's DNA and, therefore, are adaptable to most every career, self-employment, volunteer or ministry service position. Synonyms for a talent are knack, intuition and gift. A talented person is referred to as one who is gifted or has intuitive insights. Everyone has natural talents. Natural talents grow through intuitive trial and error. The more they are used, the higher your level of proficiency and productivity.

The skills used in occupations, jobs or careers do not imply any particular natural talent. Perhaps because of repetitive action on their jobs, most people can list their work skills, but they find it difficult to make a distinction between what they have learned to do and what their intuitive real talent is. Unaware that they have unused and under-developed natural talents, most people have great potential from hidden talents just waiting to be discovered and developed.

The Talent Discovery Guide™ exercise was initially conceived in 1974 and has assisted over 30,000 adults in career advancement. This tool is ideal for those at midlife who are looking for a reliable assessment of their talents and skills as they look forward to a second half serving/ministry opportunity.


Personalized Coaching

After taking the IDAK Online Talent Discovery GuideTM assessment, Julie Field can be available to provide additional insight into the testing results and, if requested, help in mapping out a path forward by providing email and phone consultation for an agreed period of time.  A modest financial donation could be considered depending upon the projected length of consultation desired. Contact Tom at or at 480.584.5448 Ext 7.


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Websites & Useful Links

Talent Discovery Guide by the IDAK Group.  There are a variety of assessment tools out there.  We recommend the Talent Discovery Guide, an on-line natural talent assessment tool for $27 at

Assessments as free downloads at The Malphurs Group - Temperament Indicator #1(Similar to the DISC test, will help you learn the characteristics of your temperament).   Temperament Indicator #2 (similar to the Myers-Briggs test - learn the characteristics of your temperament).   The Servanthood Audit (will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses as a servant leader so that you know where you are strong and where you need to develop and grow.  Others include the Character Assessment for Men and Women, The Four Leaderhsip Styles, and Leader-Organization Fit


Books, Journals & Periodicals

THE BOOMER CENTURY, Richard Croker.  Springboard Press, NY, 2007.

UNLIMITED PARTNERSHIP:  Igniting a Marketplace Leader's Journey to Significance, Lloyd Reeb & Bill Wellons.  B&H Publishing Group, Nashville, 2006.

HALFTIME:  Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance, Bob Buford.  Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI, 1994.

NINE THINGS YOU SIMPLY MUST DO, Dr. Henry Cloud.  Integrity Publishers, 2004.

CURE FOR THE COMMON LIFE, Max Lucado.  W. Publishing Group, 2005.  (Incorporates the SIMA - System for Identifying Motivated Abilities - under the name of People Management International, Inc.)

DISCOVERING YOUR NATURAL TALENTS, John Bradley & Jay Carty.  Navpress 1991.  See for further information on assessment tools.

FROM SUCCESS TO SIGNIFICANCE, Lloyd Reeb.  Zondervan, 2004.

LIVING THE LIFE GOD HAS PLANNED, Bill Thrasher.  Moody Press, 2001

ON KINGDOM BUSINESS - Yamamori/Eldred, editors.  Crossway Books, 2003