Partnership Fees

Because of the rich variety of mobilization tools represented in MissionNext, there are numerous possible combinations and costs.  The display below is divided into three levels of partnership:

  • Basic Partner: A one-year partnership; view Partner Benefits for Basic Partner
  • Limited Partner:  Three months access to the MissionNext database to search for potential workers

The partnership plan is based on fees for service without regard to agency size. The rates below only apply to 501(c)(3) charitable organizations beginning Feburary 2013.

If an organization has multiple divisions, each ministry division must join separately to have separate display booths at our events and a separate presence on the web site. This will apply only to the largest organizations.

Package   Type:     Type:    Type: 
     Limited    Basic    Plus 
  Simple Program
MissionXplore   (MX)      $400      $1000    
Finishers Project   (FP)      $400      $1000    
Mission:TEACH   (MT)         $350    
  Two Programs
MX & FP        $700      $1800    
MX & MT           $1250    
FP & MT           $1250    
  Three Programs
FP & MX & MT           $2150