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What others have said after attending a MissionNext Forum (formerly known as Finishers Forums).


I attended a MissionNext Forum in Brighton, MI in the fall of 2014 and filled out a profile soon after. I am happy to report that I will be going to Paraguay with SIM in August for a three month trip. Thank you MissionNext for your help!  
Kristina, MI


Just wanted to keep you apprised of our adventure and say thanks for the HUGE role Finishers Project has played in our lives. We were accepted as missionaries to Zambia, raised support over 6 months time and are now in the field. God used Finishers Project to move us forward at a critical point in the process and we thank God for this ministry and your faithfulness to your task. We are truly a Finishers Project product.  
Glenn and Liese, CA (Now in Zambia)


A couple from our church is now serving in Xiamen, China. They were encouraged to go when they attended the Finishers Forum in Southern California. What joy to see the fruits of your trust and obedience!  
Missions Pastor, KS


Thanks in part to our attendance at a MissionNext/Finishers Forum, my wife and I are now serving in the International Division of a Mission Agency based in CA. We thank God every day for the blessing of His direction. In just 8 months He has taken us to South Africa, Ghana, El Salvador and Cuba! Thanks for answering God's call to serve people like us so that God's Kingdom will be increased.  
Len and Jan, CA


The pastor of a church of 100 told us that as a result of the November Conference in Oak Brook they now have their first missions committee and their first missions trip to Ecuador next month. The missions director of another church of several thousand told us that their people were inspired to greater involvement.  
Pastor, IL


We attended a MissionNext/Finishers Forum in CA some time ago. There we met a man dressed in some native garb that stood out; he was with People International (PI). Because of our contact at the Forum, we put PI on our list. We visited four agencies in a one-week whirlwind trip and chose PI. We have finished the application and are now Candidates. We will take a trip to Central Asia in February to interview several Non-Government Organizations. Then we will take some courses on culture and language and maybe leave sometime between May and August depending on events.  
John and Wife, San Jose, CA


Phenomenal experience! You people are really on the ball.  
David, Mount Dora, FL


The MissionNext/Finishers Forum surely did have a lot to do with my deciding to go to Thailand. They talked about passion and there was such a sense of giving yourself to the Lord wherever He could use you. It was a special time of expectation and fellowship with people who wanted to step out in service for the Lord. 
Leona, Ontario