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The Lord of the Loose Ends

When we say, "I am at loose ends" we are really saying that our life is not in control. Insecurities, being anxious, generally drives us tighten our grip. That is a dangerous spot. The Lord never intended for us to be in control. The more we give away control of our time, talent and treasure, the more the Lord can multiply the impact of our lives. Jesus is our example. He had the margin to be interrupted by anyone. He owned nothing for Himself.Lord of the Loose Ends

It is the Lord alone that has the authority to take charge of our lives. We are not our own. We are bought with a price.  It is a power struggle. We want to exercise our will and manipulate God to achieve our goals and control people and organize circumstances for our convenience.  The Lord does not engage us at that level.

Instead, He asks us to do something that we cannot do without the power of the Holy Spirit by faith. For without faith, without risking something for God, it is impossible to please Him.  It is a risky business not to please Him. It is a risky business not to risk something for God. 

Prayerfully engage God in something big.  Something you cannot do on your own.  See if he is not good to multiply your efforts, 30, 60, 100X, maybe by 5000.  For indeed we have a big God.

Nelson Malwitz, Finishers Project Founder, June 2009

Jack of Hutchinson, Kansas wrote:

Thank you brother Nelson. I found your website in the June editon of the devotional published by Dr. David Jeremiah. It's amazing how God puts his family together. I have been director for www.YoungatheartUSA.org for past 12 years.

I have been wrestling Cancer on chemo. I know not how or when He knows. Anywhere He wants me to go is where I want to be. May God continue His ministry through us!

Ademuyiwa of Aurora, Colorado wrote:

I find your comments in "Lord of the Loose Ends" quite encouraging personally. There are seasons in our lives when one is so terribly battered emotionally to a point that any interruption translates to a "major distraction". By this, I refer to your comment that Jesus has the margin to be interrupted by anyone--He is our example. True indeed!!!

There is a great need to ask for emotional healing at such times. Many a time we are in denial of what our great need is before God. In essence, my point is that one has to be "of a sound mind" before that one makes ready for God to multiply the impact of one's life. I want God to show me and I am asking Him to help me by His Holy Spirit to fully submit to Him.

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