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Who is in some trouble?

Have you ever noticed when a worship leader or a pastor invites people to come forward for prayer, it is usually an invitation to have the elders or prayer leaders pray over a difficult life-situation? Often that situation has come about by a series of unfortunate choices.  Many in the American culture are reticent to move forward, as that is perceived as a statement of weakness in our social circles. 

There is a passage in Jeremiah that never made it into a memory verse packet.  It reads, "Accursed is the man that is slack in doing the Lord's work." Another translation is "Cursed is the man that is lax in doing the Lord's work." Jeremiah 47:10a.  It is easy to miss as the phase exists in a chapter that appears to have little relevance to our day. 

ComplacentLest we think this is simply a rouge passage, notice the thought is not far from the idea in Rev 3:16 where the message to the church is a warning against being complacent about serving the Lord.  If we, or those around us, are lukewarm we are in grave danger.  If we are slow or slack in doing the Lord's work, we are, in fact, in a difficult spot. We are likely desperately in need of prayer.

Jesus gave it all up for us.  We are called to use our considerable talents to advance The Cause with our time and treasure. How many of your ten talents are you prepared to give back to Jesus?  Less than a full commitment to the Lord puts us in that difficult spot. Praying with a good synthesis of the scriptures in our lives, is a key to zeal for service, with great joy, with abundant delight.

Nelson Malwitz, Finishers Project Founder, July 2009

Ann of Fort Scott, KS wrote:

I've only just begun to explore this site, but with this first blog I'm reading, I feel, that after twenty-four years I've finally found the "connector" to God's plan for the rest of my life on this planet! Thank you Finishers.

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