The Journey Deepens Retreats


The Journey Deepens retreats are designed to deal with your particular questions about moving into a missions-related ministry role.  The uniqueness and strength of these weekends is having direct contact with coaches who have served cross-culturally and are there to interact with you and answer your questions.

The Journey Deepens

The Journey Deepens weekends are designed for a wide range of ages: young people, 20's and 30's, mid-life adults and retirees.  This age mix enriches the experience by providing the inter-generational perspective on similar questions but different life-stage applications.

Participants and coaches are placed into small groups and meet several times throughout the weekend, allowing for more in-depth conversation and opportunity to deal with issues of interest to each participant.  In addition to the small group times, there are several large-group sessions, dealing with topics relevant to this journey into ministry, along with opportunities to schedule one-on-one times with the coaches.

Scheduled retreats are as follows:

Portland TJD Retreat

Greater Seattle TJD Retreat