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Are we side-tracked or on track?

Oh, so you have built a tower have you? What will you think of next? According to some commentators, that is the sense of the voice found in Genesis 11 when God comments sarcastically on the little efforts of men and women to make themselves big and important.  

A Canadian friend of mine tells of a former marketplace leader, a president of a substantial company, a Christ-follower, who retired to pursue the dream he is told by our culture he earned. That is, a life of leisure with his yacht traveling between Vancouver and New Zealand.  A few years into that, he is wondering if the Lord might have something more for his life.  On Track or ?

This might be a little extreme, but here we are, the healthiest, best educated, and some argue, the wealthiest generations ever to walk the earth with the direct assignment to disciple the nations.  We have the life boat to bring grace and truth, with discipling and development with our skills from education to engineering, mentoring and management to a world in crisis. What is the Lord to do when we get side tracked—the potential rescuers drifting off with indifference and inattention? 

Another from Canada, attended a Finishers Forum early last decade.  He and his wife decided they could go into the nations, offering their skills.  They went first to Indonesia, then to Malaysia.  Later in the decade, his wife died of cancer.  He reports, those were the best years of our married life.  

If we can hasten the day of his coming, we can certainly delay the day. We can be involved in God's global cause, or miss it.  What is your life choice for the next stage of your life, whatever your age?

Nelson Malwitz, Finishers Project Founder, January 2010

Phil of Springfield, OH wrote:

You have put it well in expressing Christian apathy. I believe the church would wake up if they understood their potential. God has put into our hands the resources to reach the world. Half the funds flowing through American churches is wasted on unneeded facilities. I teach churches the stewardship of building so they can open their hands and underwrite missions.

Your point is well taken. The ability to carry the gospel to the known world and the ability to disciple the nations to do the same, is in our immediate control. This was the task that the Apostle Paul took on. However, in our times, we often spend our resources of time, travel, talent, treasure on ourselves. There are wonderful exceptions.

Rich of La Verne, CA wrote:

Thanks for your response. I have thought that Finishers is a great concept and vitally needed to assist people wanting to learn and go. ... I do appreciate what Finishers does and what you did for me and wish more people would get involved.

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