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Life events are not in our immediate control.

So many of us want our future assured. We hang on to our first or current career, because we cannot imagine that the Lord will direct our paths to make a difference for eternity in full-time service for Him. But even Jesus did not organize the unfolding of some very key events. For example, often the Easter story is just told. It is a great story, but one that can become so familiar that it is easy to miss some of its lessons.  

Notice that Jesus did not give any instructions as to what should happen to His body after His death on the cross. None. Yet His body was carefully administered to by the women. They had no regard for their personal safety, the opinion of others, or the politics of the day. None. His mother and those with her were just in love with Jesus. Nothing else mattered. Nothing.

It must have been that Pilate was so moved or, perhaps, shell-shocked, that he granted any reasonable request after Jesus bowed his head and gave up His spirit.  A rich man, Joseph of Aremethia, asked to bury the body in a new tomb.  The Jewish leaders asked that the body be guarded, to prevent the disciples from organizing a resurrection hoax. Both requests were granted.

The body preparation, the linens, the tomb, the extra steps to seal and the guard the tomb, the women that first Easter morning, the angel and so forth, are all are part of the story that was orchestrated on high to confirm, for all of time, that Jesus is alive and that His word is true.  Life Happening

In the same way, we do not, and cannot, script our future. We cannot organize the unfolding of the events of our life and work with any certainty. Yet the Lord directs from on high, for those that are laboring to advance the borders of His kingdom. The call is to trust Him, by faith.

The Lord is looking only for those willing to over themselves as a living sacrifice for service to others and thereby serving Him. His highest value for use is usefulness. And contrary to our intuition, our happiness, our joy is most complete, not when we are serving ourselves, but when we are serving Him.

Nelson Malwitz, Finishers Project Founder, April 2010

Holland of Little Rock, Arkansas wrote:

You have shed a ray of good insight into the mix. Thanks!

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