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Initiatives to prepare discipline-specific recruiting websites

A major initiative of MissionNext, formerly Finishers Project, has been with the ministry of Mission:TEACH. Initially, this was a partnership with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Wycliffe Bible Translators.  

The single biggest need in missions is for educators.  Bible translation, church planting, literacy, education, community development all stop if the workers in-country do not have quality education for their children. Mission:TEACH has been enormously effective in recruiting teachers for international locations.  The big idea, then, is to replicate this with other disciplines.

The first single-discipline portal is Mission:TEACH which is has been active for several years.  This is due to be expanded to other disciplines. The limit will be how fast discpline-specific partner associations can be added. 

Dennis of Fresno, CA wrote:

My wife is an elementary school teacher and I teach Food Science, Culinology, and Food Systems Management at the university level. We will be retiring from our current work in Spring of 2017 and are looking forward to what God has for us then. It is for this reason I am writing this letter. We want to find our more information about Finishers and how we might be used to bring glory to God with our next career. I was hoping you could give us some direction.
Thanks, Dennis

Dennis, the best course of action is to enter a profile at misisonteach.org. Simply sign up, then see what happens. It will be best if you "inquire" about positions that are the most interesting to you. In addition, you will be connected with schools and their affilaited mission organizations with dozens of options that are surprisingly well suited to you and your wife in the same place.

Most likely any one of our partner organizations will have mulitple opportunities for you as a couple. Not sure you both want a teaching assignment? Enter a profile here at finishers.org.You just have to set the process in motion.

Kaleigh of Rome, Lazio | Italy wrote:

I am a teacher. MissionTeach.com was helpful for me.

Katherine of Ontario, Canada wrote:

I am trained as a teacher. I am unemployed right now and looking for an opportunity to work in missions. I am looking to either teach ESL overseas or to work with children in education or children's homes.

If you can help me get connected with a mission that would be awesome. Thanks, Katherine

Katherine, You have several options. (1) Enter a profile at http://finishersproject.ca since you are from Canada. (2) With your interest to serve as a Teacher, also enter a profile/resume at missonteach.com. (3) With your interest in ESL, separately, you can enter information and preferences at Mission:TEACH. Just follow the logical prompts to get started on each website.

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