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Initiatives to Mobilize from any Nation to be Sent by their Nation

Finishers Project was involved in an extensive consultation in May 2010 regarding the next steps for missions. Part of what we can contribute is a multi-lingual web portal for the nations. It is conceived to work so that if someone comes from any country, they can be processed by mission leaders in that country. However, it is required that Finishers Project develop partnerships with leaders that can assure prospective candidates can be processed in a credible and competent way.

In 2011, Finishers was represented at the pan-African MANI conference in Abuja, Nigeria. MANI is Movement for African National Initiatives, assisting the African leaders to do what they want to do. Out of that initiatives are underway in Ghana, Cameroon and Zambia.

In 2012, Finishers has been invited to Brazil to start a finishers-like movement in South America, beginning in Brazil. An action plan is in place to start a beta site by the Summer with a formal launch in October. 


For example, COMIBAM is the industry association for mission agencies in Ibero-America.  This is the group of nations and peoples in Central and South America, Latins and Brazilians in North America, Spain and Portugal. Each of these countries is a sending nation. However the "sending" is to place qualified people into "receiving" organizations, well-known to us in North America. In general they will serve on cross-cultural teams in a cross-cultural situation.  

The founder of Finishers, Nelson Malwitz, visited Brazil April 2012 working with leaders there. The vision of BASE, pronounced baa'-zee in Portguese, has agreed to take up the mantle for Brazil with an eye towards assisting all of South America. 

Other nations Finishers Project is working with are Australia and Canada. We have more contacts in Australasia. Unfortunately,


We are working in Nigeria and have connections in Ghana with indigenous sending organizations. Nigeria is an important sending country with more missionaries from that country than all other Sub-Sahara countries combined. That should not be surprising as 20% of all Africans live in Nigeria. West Africa

However, in Nigeria and the rest of Sub-Sahara Africa, the people in their churches cannot put their hands in their pockets to support the mission effort in the Western way. Thus, Finishers Project has an initiative to come alongside a missions-minded church and sending agency in West Nigeria to establish a substantial business drilling water wells to sponsor their missionary enterprises. 

Finishers is to visit Cameroon in 2010 to assist in the launch of the Cameroon Evangelical Mission Association. 

The Lord has assembled

  • Nationals experienced in drilling wells;
  • Indigenous leaders experienced in running water well drilling business elsewhere in Nigeria; and
  • A consultant that is in the business of raising capital for companies and minimizing investor risk.

This initiative is currently in play.

NOT... , BUT ...

It is now not the West to the rest, but the reached to the unreached.

Does the idea of the nations going to the nations make sense to you? We can use assistance in maintaining the partnerships and funding.  Let us know if you want to talk about this more and possibly play a role in this movement of history to have "the knowlegde of the glory of the Lord fill the earth as the waters cover the sea."

Dominic of Aba, Abia State, Nigeria wrote:

I love what you are doing, I will like to partner with you so that we can take the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the ureached. Could it be possible for you? Please reply. Thanks. Yours.

We are working with (Movement for African National Initiatives) MANI with the objective of installing a Finishers-Like service in Africa. The next meeting is September, 2011 in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.)

Pastor-Makopo of DRCCongo wrote:

I'm so bless about this ministry. How can I be connected with our church. Senior Pastor ICFDRC Congo

For leaders outside the US and interested in moblizing people from your nation to serve in cross-cultural ministry, we can engage in conversation. Each nation is accountable to the Lord for its response to the Great Commission. Also see http://finishers.org/index.php?id=93

Debra of Akron, OH wrote:

I recently became acquainted with the Finishers Project from a Pastor Bob in Akron, OH. I worked with Bob for 20 years until recently when there was a major staff downsizing and program restructuring. My position, along with many others, was eliminated. Now I find myself between jobs and wondering where God might have me next. I called Bob to discuss options related to India, since my heart is pulled there, and possibly other mission opportunities.

He suggested I connect with Finishers. I promptly signed up, though I did put down "unsure" for many answers. I am looking for work right now, but if am taking the missions direction one step at a time to see what might open up.

My question to you is related to the staff positions you are looking to fill. My work at the church began in administration and grew in leadership responsibility tactically bridging the goals of leadership in program development and/or special projects. I did notice, with interest, the National Forum Coordinator and the Director of Agency Relations positions.

You can initiate a conversation with Finishers/MissionNext at http://finishers.org/index.php?id=94

Daysia of Singapore wrote:

Thanks for sharing. This is a great initiative to the nations.

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