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Internet Missionaries - Discipling the Nations

Here is a novel concept.  Be a missionary, a discipler of the nations, from where you are.  The Lord is arranging to make it possible. They have a myriad of websites that give a simple presentation of the gospel in most any language.  These have a simple mechanism for the visitor to indicate that they have prayed the prayer to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Between 10 - 15 percent indicate they would like to have some sort of follow-up dialogue.  global connect

As you know, everyone that Jesus dealt with, he dealt with one-on-one. The New Testament writings also urge one-on-one mentoring for maturing in the faith. The Global Media Outreach initiative has been developed by leading mission organizations with a world-wide reach. Technical and sponsoring people involved include leaders from the likes of Google, Cisco (the satellite company), and Apple.  

The competency that MissionNext brings to the table is a reach to qualified Christ-followers that have expressed an interest in serving the nations, but are not able to go just now. In addition, MissionNext is in the process of forging partnerships with leaders in other nations with language skills to serve the nations in a native tongue.

Do you have the margin to disciple people from your home? Are you willing to participate?  Skills in a language other than English are especially helpful.

Tina of Las Vegas, NV wrote:

After reading this webpage, I'm not clear on exactly what you need help with. I speak only English. I have been an online missionary with GMO for about 18 months. I would be interested in discpling people.

Tina, the call is for people to apply to sign up as an on-line missionary. Thank you for serving in this way.

While English is the primary language, people with language skills other than English are in great need. It was necessary to shut down the websites in South America at times for lack of people with Spanish and Portuguese language skills.

I am sure you have had opportunities to disciple people as an on-line missionary. But if that is not enough you can always complete a Personal Profile here and include the criteria for your service. Give it a try!

Ele of Arizona wrote:

GREAT idea! Global Media Outreach has their version of this type of ministry. As effective as that may be there are ways to be even more effective as well as maintaining biblical standards of conduct as well. Looking forward to interacting on this!

I have a YouTube ministry that the Lord had me begin in Oct. of 2011. Already people from 54 countries are involved in it! The Internet, blessed by the Holy Spirit, rocks for Jesus' sake!!!
Check out TransformingTogether!

Ademuyiwa of Aurora, Colorado wrote:

I have skills in the Yoruba language. I have no idea about this initiative or assistance is needed. I am willing to assist.
Thank you. As this project unfolds people with skills in any language will be needed. The Internet discipleship/missionary idea is just forming. Stay tuned.

Marie of San Jose, CA wrote:

Hi, I'm interested in Internet Missionaries-Disciplining the Nations. I have skills in Tagalog language. Assistance is needed and I'm willing to assist. Thank you and God Bless you!

Thank you for your interest. Most Americans will not know that this is an Austronesian language spoken in the Philippines by about 22 million people. Others have indicated an interest in working with specific peoples. Finishers is in the midst of developing a partnership with GMO. Stay tuned. In the meantime you can apply to be an on-line missionary. There are some hoops to go through. See globalmediaoutreach.com

Alfa of Mozambique wrote:

We thank God that the internet may not be used only for obscen stuff, but to spread the gospel.

I'm willing to dedicate all my free time to spead the Gospel of our Lord via internet. Please let me know what I have to do?
I have the internet to do so! God bless you!

For anyone that is a Christ-follower, a way to get connected is to complete a profile here at finishers.org. If a teacher also use missionteach.com

Steven of El Paso, Texas wrote:

I don't have any language skills but I am interested.

Language skills are not a requirement of the Great Commission as instructed by the Lord. It is the desire to be useful to make an impact, with an attitude if mercy, justice and humility that the Lord will use. Go for it.

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