Six Challenges

In hundreds of conversations we have identified six "challenges" our generations face when considering ministry in a missions-related role. The six are: Faith, Finances, Family, Fit, Future and Fight. The purpose of examining these challenges is to help us see that God is really carefully managing our journey, and not getting in the way of a desired goal with all these obstacles.

  1. Faith Challenge
  2. Finance Challenge
  3. Family Challenge
  4. Fit or Fuzziness
  5. Future Challenges
  6. Fight: Self or Serve?

David of Silver Springs, MD wrote:

Going through the Service Profile form was a good learning experience. Who knows what might happen? We have been well connected with a mission agency, and they were actually the first to mention this concept of "finishers."

I read through the the Six Challenges and plan to review and present some of this material and some of our last period of service in Central Asia as a "finishing" concept at a family conference in NH. The event will include some mature missionaries, some in the pipeline, and hopefully a number of young people who are open to life decisions. I expect there will be some lively discussion for the last half of the hour.

I ordered some of the recommended books and look forward to reading them.

Carrie of Delhi India wrote:

This has made my day. Thank you for preparing this thoughtful posting.

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