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Keys to a Successful Ministry Experience

Someone I looked up to as a successful marketplace and ministry lay-leader once told me, "I don't want to be involved in anything unless it is a big deal." I rather liked that idea and adopted it as my own. After all we have a big God and we can trust Him to accomplish big things. What approach of the mind and heart might serve the master well? 

In 2 Kings 5 we read that Naaman was a leader of leaders—a high-powered warrior. He had organized great conquests. Then a detour occurred in his life toward a dead end. He got leprosy, the cancer diagnosis of the day. Naaman over coming reluctance

He was counseled to visit the prophet Elisha and, indeed, expended the effort to travel to the prophet's home. Naaman sent a servant ahead to announce his arrival and expected Elisha would be fully attentive to him as a person of great renown. Elisha did not come out to meet him, but did give instructions to go to the Jordan and wash there seven times. 

Naaman was incensed. The prophet would not honor him with a meeting, the Jordan was dirty and the assignment made no logical sense. Naaman stormed off. If the prophet had instructed Naaman to do some great exploit, he would have done it. But why should the great leader humble himself to that extent? 

However, Naaman's attendants reasoned he had nothing to lose. Naaman did humble himself and was healed. Healed of his affliction of the flesh and of the spirit. What can we learn from this?

If we humble ourselves, to give ourselves over to the Lord to do whatever He asks, the Lord can do amazing things. He will work in us and through us to multiply our efforts to accomplish anything he puts on our hearts. We have a big God. We can take on assignments that are a big deal—assignments that are one or more rungs above where we can reach in the flesh so we know the Lord is involved.

Mission is about what the Holy Spirit is doing through us, but we must humble ourselves and give Him the space for full control.

Nelson Malwitz, Finishers Project Founder, June 2010

Albert of Thailand wrote:

The reason most Christians deter in their perspective to fully served the Lord because we lack the conviction to fight and wrestle the enemy. He is always seeking opportunities to weaken us. God caused us to be victorious in our service. He made us to win the race set before us.

As a living witness for the legacy of others in Christian service, it is only the warm feeling of gratitude and the sacrifices of our Lord Jesus Christ that move me to the aspirations of becoming a partaker of His afflictions. Centering our heart on Jesus in the Christian mission, we are available to radiate glitters of light to those in darkness to see the dazzling glory of His face.

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