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Trusting the Lord for Outrageously Good Outcomes

Daniel purposed in his heart (Dan 1:8) ... to follow the Lord; The Lord has caused (Dan 1:9) ... an outrageously good outcome.  He changed heathen kings, changed nations, and made God famous. Daniel survived 4 kings and 2 world empires, serving at the top for 66 years.  Satan is our accuser, but Jesus is our advocate.  Consider

Satan accuses: "You are ...   But in Jesus we are ...
a sinner   saved by grace
lost   found
guilty   forgiven
condemned   pardoned
bound   free indeed
addicted   dead to sin
dirty   the righteousness of God in Christ
unworthy   free to enter by a new and living way
unwanted   the apple of his eye
unloved   His beloved bride
rejected   chosen by Him
flawed   made in His image
Satan accuses: "You are ...   But in Jesus we are ...
a coward   strengthened in the inner man by His strength
weak minded   sound minded
a loser   more than a conquerer
a has been   it has not appeared what we will be
washed up   about to be cleaned up
too old   coming into my prime as a giant slayer
forgotten   engraved in the palm of His hand
a nobody   recorded in the Book of Life
hopeless   heir of great and precious promises
doomed   destined to rule and reign in power with Him

Can you think of others?

Satan is in the very state he accuses us. Who will we listen to?

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Nelson Malwitz, Founder - August 2010