Announcement Letter to Individuals



[CITY] MissionNext Forum

[church name]



The [city] MissionNext Forum will be a great opportunity to re-calibrate how you might serve the Lord in the next season of your life.  It is a time to think intentionally about what it would look like to offer the Lord some or all of your remaining years in ministry, avoiding the regret of coming before the Lord without having invested all your talents.

This event is run by MissionNext in partnership with local churches and ministry organizations.  It is a place and time where you can:

  • Rub shoulders with ministry representatives
  • Choose from scores of breakout sessions relevant to you and your church
  • Address the very issues you are pondering – matters of God’s will and finances
  • Discover your next steps to serving God’s global cause in the prime of your life

Ministry organizations are interested in exploring with you the myriad of opportunities that are available - short-term, long-term, at home or abroad, now or several years from now.  This event will have breakout sessions for Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers & Millennials, Educators, and Business Men and Women, as well as general sessions for preparation and planning for an assignment in missions.

Singles, or couples – with or without children – are needed to fill a wide range of ministry positions.  Many think they are simply not qualified; however, whether you are experienced in business or building, in hospitality or health care, education or engineering, or whatever your area of interest, be assured you will find compelling opportunities in ministry that are well suited for you.

The MissionNext Forum is a safe place to discover and explore.  Please take the initiative to share this with others in your church.  Conference brochures, posters and DVD’s are available on request.  For information and to register for this Forum, go to and select MissionNext Events.