Letter of invitation to Local Ministries

Use the following sample letter to invite local ministries in your area to have a booth at your upcoming forum.  Copy and paste onto your church stationery and fill in the required information.


[Church name] along with other churches in the area, will be hosting a MissionNext Forum on [dates].  The very heart of the MissionNext Forum is to see people connect with ministry opportunities in order to make a significant impact with their lives.  MissionNext has helped connect over 3,000 people with ministry opportunities; half of them have connected through one of their interactive websites and half have connected through a MissionNext or Finishers Forum.  

These are very productive events to help ministries connect with people.  There will be plenary sessions to focus on what scripture teaches about investing our lives well, and breakout sessions to address the issues and questions that most people have when they begin to consider a ministry assignment. 

There is an exhibit hall at each forum for international ministry booths and for local community outreach ministries to share their mission with the attendees and to recruit volunteers.  Previous local exhibitors have included pregnancy centers, domestic violence shelters, prison ministries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, international students, and ministries to the elderly.  Ample time is given for people to visit exhibit booths and engage in meaningful conversations on the types of opportunities that are available.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to participate in this event.   Reserve space now for this upcoming forum, and between now and then be praying for divine appointments with future harvest workers!

If you would like to register, go to the MissionNext website and select MissionNext Events, then select [city name] MissionNext Forum. You will find "Exhibit Registration" in the left-hand column.  The fee for a local ministry to exhibit is $75 for booth space, plus $59 per representative (up to four). Booth fees provide for the booth space, table and two chairs, electricity, if requested, and wi-fi,  when available.  Rep fees cover plenary sessions, workshops, conference notebook, breakfast and lunch and an opportunity to personally interact with delegates.

Payment can be made online with a major credit card.

For further information on your participation in the [city name] MissionNext Forum, please contact [fill in appropriate name, email, phone].  If you would like to find out more about MissionNext, please call 480-584-5448 Ext 806 [headquarters@missionnext.org].

 We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to give your ministry greater exposure and talk to the participants about how they could serve within your organization.



[Local Team Leader]