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The God of Small Beginnings

Have you ever noticed in a sports contest that when a team is ahead with time running out, the strategy often changes from playing to win to playing to avoid losing.  So many of us live life this way.  We live to avoid taking a risk, avoid a significant challenge, avoid discomfort, rather than living to win. How boring is that?

Living not to lose is not a very biblical concept. We are to

  • Ask for a significant kingdom impact
  • Strive first for the Kingdom of God
  • Seek righteousness
  • Pursue peace
  • Knock to open doors.

These ideas are a rather stiff indictment against being an armchair Christian.

But you say, the problems of the world, home and abroad, are too great. What can one person do?Plumb Line

Zechariah Chapter 4 we get some encouragement. The author argues, “Do not despise small beginnings.” He notes that there will be rejoicing when the Lord’s servant Zerubbabel starts the rebuilding of the temple by working with a plumb line.  It is a small start, but it is a start. This is the same chapter where it is declared that a great result comes, “Not by might, not by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord.”

In other words, the encouragement from the Lord is to play. We are to play to win. Play for a kingdom win, even if it we think the start is a small beginning. Pray the Lord of the harvest to give you a God sized dream. It will start small, as all initiatives do. Without faith (that we and the Holy Spirit are a majority) it is impossible to please God. If we are found playing not to lose, the clear hint from scripture is that this is displeasing to God.

Get started today. Speak to your pastor or outreach leader about how you can be used to make a kingdom impact. Enter a profile to inquire how your significant life skills can be used to disciple nations. Live, not to lose, but to win. 

Nelson Malwitz, November, 2010

Kathrine of Washington wrote:

Anyone can count the seeds from an apple. Only God can count all the apples that come from one seed. Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement while "truthing in love" about what can happen if we don't really play to win! In HIS Grip,

Lauretta of Australia WA, city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder 6430 wrote:

Your walk with the Lord is very significant in every second. It is at the most unexpecting moment that you will hear his voice. Not shortly after prayer, not when you expect him to talk to you, not when you think he should be talking to you, but when you least expect it. But! when you hear it, you will hear it loud and clear. If you walk a humble walk, your walk will humble even more each time you hear him instruct you, each time you hear him guide you, each time you perform the impossible and wonder "how did I just do that." Each time he brings a beautiful person to you in a dream, countries away from you, asking you to reconcile with them and four months later they pass on and you say, "Thank you heavenly father that I obeyed you!" God loves us so much. Stay in constant worship, never leave room for anything other than his overpowering love to dwell deep within your soul. It's in Jesus name I come to you. You are reading this not because I said you should, but because The Lord knows exactly who you are and he loves you.

Consider becoming an on-line missionary. See http://www.globalmediaoutreach.com

Khuram of Pakistan wrote:

Thank you for sharing the exact, the truth and the hope. In Christ, hope is found from individuals to nations. As a minority in the country of Pakistan, it is easy to perceive small beginnings as very small, rather looking them in faith. However, as a believer, Lord helps us to look at them in faith, when the faith inside grows, the way to look outside also grows. Shalom from Pakistan.

Respondant of USA wrote:

The response to our profile was amazing! The most important thing Finishers helped us with is the confirmation of the reality that there are innumerable ways to serve the Lord in missions and there is, most definitely, a place for us where we can become more actively involved. Thank you for helping us take that very important first step.

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