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Are you Passionate About Your Assigned Task?

Our church sponsors a missionary that has a soccer ministry in Austria. When you speak to Jason, he cannot understand why others don’t see the importance of his vision. He is passionate about the task the Lord has assigned him.

Visiting the Perspectives headquarters in NW Arkansas, you will find an entire company of people that are passionate about the spread of the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement curriculum. After all it tells the story of how the Lord used his people to spread the gospel across the globe from the time of Christ ’til now. The material is prepared and presented by the best and the brightest minds in missions in our time. insights

The Perspectives team is motivated by the consistent observation of watching the insights and the impact of the course change lives.

Similarly, we at Finishers Project are passionate about those that start the journey to get connected with any sort of mission assignment. Regardless of the brokenness and brilliance of the past, they begin to see how the Lord can use them. They experience the thrill of realizing that it is possible “for even me” to make a significant impact.

In each example above, those working the assigned task are strenghthened by working in their arenas of strength. You say, “what about me?”

Don’t settle for activities that fail to energize you. Work in the strengths that the Lord has given to you, giving them back to Him. Find areas of service that you are passionate about.  What is that?

If you were given 15-minutes to speak on national TV on any subject, what would your message be? As a useful exercise, prepare that speech. Share it with someone. Share it with the Lord.

Nelson Malwitz, Finishers Project Founder, May 2011

Eric&Gail of Seattle, WA wrote:

Note to Founder: We are particularly thankful that God led you to start the Finishers Project. The recent Finishers Forum was the right time for us to be part of the whole experience. We don't have any set direction yet, but know that God will continue to use our experiences and skills to further His Kingdom. The adventure awaits . . .

Our next action includes follow-up with a "Next Steps" class at church on June 5 and contacts with several of the organizations we met this weekend. We will be praying for you in your ongoing ministry and thank you for all the prayer support that we know you and the Finishers crew have sent on our behalf. God bless you.

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