Resources for Ministries

Profile Summary

In May of 2000, Finishers Project began collecting information in a database form on its website.  The total number of family units (last names) currently stands at 9,315.  The total number of individuals, including spouses, is 14,177.  An up-to-the-minute summary of results is generated from this live database.  The results can be viewed on the Profile Summary page.

Survey Summary

Finishers offers individuals the opportunity to take part in a 10-question Survey to help them put their ministry service into perspective.  Upon completion of the Survey, they receive a paper on "Finding Your Calling" and are able to compare their answers with thousands of others who are exploring opportunities in ministry.  The Survey results can be viewed on the Survey Summary page.

Polling Insights

Finishers has conducted two surveys to help evaluate the effectiveness of its ministry; one in 2006 and again in 2008.  The survey was sent to over 6,000 individuals and couples. The results of these surveys are provided on the Polling Insights page.

Agency Stories

Read the stories of other ministry organizations that have used the Finishers Project to assist them in their recruiting efforts for both staff and volunteers.


If you were not able to join one of the excellent webinars that Finishers Project has offered in the past, you can still benefit from them by viewing and listening to the webinars online.

Partnerships in Ministry

Survey of Christian Baby Boomers Regarding Missions as a Second Career

Research ReportFinishers Project commissioned a survey in 1998 to establish how people might receive information and what the perceived barriers are by the evangelicals in missions-minded churches to serve in missions. These were judged the most likely to be open enter missions as a next career. The survey results are expressed both graphically and textually, and each question on the survey is listed verbatim.

(Note: This is a 132MB file of 64 scanned pages. It will take about 5-minutes to download, even with a high-speed connection. So take a break or mult-itask while the download is in progress.)