"Relational Recruiting"

(September, 2015 -- Mike Gallagher)

The Work of Recruiting

Heart to Heart Relational Recruiting webinar from MissionNext on Vimeo.


(January, 2014 -- Bob Pittman)

Recruiting Teachers at Mission:TEACH.

Webinar for Mission:Teach from MissionNext on Vimeo.

"The Network of Journey Guides"

(February, 2013 -- Ron Landers)

Learn how the improved coaching emphasis can enhance recruiting for your organization.

February 2012 Webinar

(February, 2012--Paulette Fitch)

The Secrets To SUCCESS In Using The FINISHERS Website


January 2012 Webinar

(Jan. 18) by

Sherri Dodd:  




The Missing Link in Missions

September 2011 Webinar



Dr. Paul McKaughan:  


The Future of the U.S. Church & Its Mission 
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The Future of the U.S. Church and Its Mission



Recruiting Tips 
PowerPoint Presentation
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An April 2011 Webinar PowerPoint 
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Recruiting Tips

This webinar on recruiting those from a career was presented in 2011. It is available below in four short video packets for your review.

(The original annotated PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded above.)




Recruiting Tips - Part 1


  • See the issue of change from candidate perspective
  • Who is the audience?
  • The best approach? Commit to serve.

Recruiting Tips - Part 2


  • The BIG issues
  • It's a process
  • Assist those coming to ...

Recruiting Tips - Part 3


  • Top Ten Hints

Recruiting Tips - Part 4


  • Cover issues they may not have considered
  • Cover a range of possibilities
  • Close with a next step