Stories of Others on the Same Journey


Sometimes it's hard to visualize what the service of the Finishers Project might look like for you. Here's a snapshot of the experience of some of your peers:

Lyle & Lorri Carlson

Lyle & Lorri Carlson

Over the last five years several things occurred simultaneously.  We began to understand more of God’s desire that all nations will know Him and that all Christ followers have the opportunity to participate in His work.  We increasingly experienced restlessness in our professions and lacked the affirmation that our work was worthwhile.  The relationships were valuable but not the work itself.  We also began to have a sense of urgency; that time is passing quickly and we have limited years left to make a difference with our lives.

We were first introduced to Finishers Project through the Pathways to Global Understanding course held in our hometown of Prescott, Arizona.  Through the information provided by Finishers we discovered that our baby boomer demographic isn’t too old to serve in missions and that we actually have much to offer as servants in making Christ known to the nations.  As casualties of the bad economy, having lost one of our jobs and eventually the home we built to sell, we knew these events came through the loving hands of God.  He allowed what He could have prevented.  We came to sense He was freeing us up to act on the desire He had given us to serve full time in missions.  Finishers Project came to mind again, as we had no idea what to do next.  After a lot of prayer and some lingering apprehension, we went to the website and completed a profile. 

About the same time we met up with a friend who serves with Operation Mobilization.  She encouraged us to consider serving with OM.  Thinking OM was primarily a ships ministry and we have only lived in the desert, that didn’t really appeal to us.  But then our friend explained that there are a vast number of ministries and opportunities in which we could serve.  We began to receive a number of responses to our Finishers profile and were so encouraged that some agencies might indeed want us!  We spoke with some of the different agency advisors and continued to pray. 

During the application process with OM, our advisor said some folks there would like us to pray about serving at the USA headquarters.  We had been considering doing hospitality at one of the OM properties in Western Europe.   It had never occurred to us to serve in Tyrone, Georgia, home of OM USA headquarters, and we didn’t see how we could be effective there.  We thought surely there are others from Georgia to serve in Georgia.  But that was not God’s plan.  The leadership at OM felt that we had life experiences that met needs they had been asking the Lord to fill.  We were invited to attend a conference for new applicants with OM at the OM USA headquarters.  It became very clear that the Lord was sending us to Tyrone, Georgia.  Later, we found out that the Finishers Director at OM USA had reviewed our Finishers profile, which asked a few different questions than the OM application did.   The OM campus would need some new construction projects, and Lyle had been a superintendent, building custom homes for a number of years.  The newly appointed president of OM USA would also need a new executive assistant, and Lorri was working as an executive assistant at the time for the vice president of an engineering firm.  We realized that we had very little to do with becoming full time missionaries; it was the faithful service and prayers of so many others that paved the way for our little acts of faith to respond.  Completing the Finishers profile routed our OM application exactly into the good works the Lord prepared for us to do in making Christ known to those who have yet to hear His name!    ~ Lyle & Lorri Carlson


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