Follow Your Calling - Find and Follow the Path God Has Created for You


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Follow Your Calling

Book Excerpt:

Our research has shown that neither quality of life nor even family considerations stood as the biggest barriers between these people and missions. Instead, their greatest concerns are:

1 . Is this God’s will for my life? 

2 . How will the finances work?

This book deals with issue number one. And often, if that is fully settled, issue number two becomes less of a barrier to overcome.

God’s call on our lives is to be actively moving forward.

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Chapter Titles:

Introduction: From Stressed-Out to Satisfying Service.

1 Celebrate Your Next Chapter

2 Discerning Your Passion for Service

            Exercise One: Discerning Your Personal Passion

            Exercise Two: Your Passion Checklist

            Exercise Three: First Steps for Finding the Team

3 Discovering Your Communicational Talent Strengths

            Exercise Four: Your Enjoyable Life Experiences Checklist

            Exercise Five: Discovering Your Communicational Talent Strength

4 Discovering Your Relational Talent Strength

            Exercise Six: Discovering Your Relational Talent Strength

5 Discovering Your Functional Talent Strengths

            Exercise Seven: Discovering Your Functional Talent Strengths

6 Zeroing in on Your Task

            Exercise Eight: Defining Your Ideal Task

            Exercise Nine: Your Optimum Ministry Job Duties

7 Zeroing in on Your Team

            Exercise Ten: Matching a Team to Your Task

8 Watching the Miracle Happen

            Exercise Eleven: Validating Your Team & Task Selections

            Exercise Twelve: Your Job Search

Appendix: From Nelson: Yes, God Can Use You.




by Lloyd Reeb, Halftime, Inc

Over the past decade I have coached thousands of people in midlife transition, helping them get clear about their strengths and passions and mission, get free of what’s holding them back and get going on the adventure of a lifetime. The thrill for me is watching others find their love and overflow with delight.

When I was in the confusion of finding my calling for the second half of my life, my mentor Bob Buford said to me, “If you focus on your strengths, your weaknesses will become irrelevant.” Over the past fifteen plus years I have partnered with Nelson Malwitz in ministry. I have seen this truth not only in his life but in mine as well. Both of us are making the most of the Lord’s wiring in us to make a difference.

In Luke 12, Jesus warned us about greed, and He told us that to live a good life is to live like a house servant who knows their assignment and lives it out. He went on to say that to us who have been given much, much will be demanded. This book provides a biblical basis for the how and why of giving back to the Lord what He as given to you.

Lloyd Reeb is primary spokesperson for HalfTime and author of From Success to Significance and The Second Half: Real Stories, Real Adventures, Real Significance.