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Humble Beginnings; Humble Finishing

Recently my brother, a retired investigative reporter, did a little sleuthing in Chicago where our Mom was born. Talking to a long time area nurse, he mentioned the name of the hospital where Mom was born in 1917. The original hospital has since been merged with another, but searching the virtually omniscient Internet, he unearthed a period photo of where Mom was birthed. (This was in an era when the world was colorless.)Humble Hospital circa 1910

This was probably an advanced facility of the day, but by all modern appearances this is a humble beginning. As we celebrate the Advent season again this year, it is easy to be reminded of the humble beginning of the omnipotent God, Jesus. It is certain that the stable and manger where baby Jesus spent his first days was much more rustic than an American hospital 100 years ago.

It is no coincidence that Jesus called us to an attitude of humility. Jesus is our Example in Chief.  He told us to wash one another’s feet; to be willing to sit at the last seat at the table; to give of our resources and ourselves cheerfully and generously.

The Apostle Paul continued this theme by urging us to out do one another is showing honor, for instance. The underlying instruction is to be humble. This is not just at the beginning of our life as a child, but throughout our lives as a child of God. The scriptures are replete with urging to suppress ego and elevate our serve. 

Paul urged us to follow his example and finish well. Those that serve with humility get the joy and the gold, sliver, precious stones to lay at His feet. Take an inventory or your service with humility, all for His name’s sake.

Nelson Malwitz, December 2011

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