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Isaiah Getting an Assignment

Here am IIsaiah met the Lord as described in the riveting passage of Isaiah 6. He saw himself as under judgement—under the sentence of death. But then with his interaction with the Lord, was wonderfully cleansed and redeemed. His salvation was free. It cost him nothing. 

Then the Lord expressed a need for someone to represent Him. The Lord needed something! The Lord needed someone to go. Isaiah was so grateful for his new life that he offered to be the one to be sent.  

Most of the time the focus is on the first half of the chapter. We get it. It is iike reading the first half of an email and skipping over the rest. But in the last part of the chapter we see that Isaiah was to keep on mission, keep on task, even though the road ahead would be difficult. The record shows that Isaiah persevered. Would you, you who have also been redeemed, do the same?

Nelson Malwitz, Founder

New Year Post, 2014

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