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Come Back on Mission, on Vision, on Calling

John 21 is an interesting chapter tacked on the end of the gospels. This chapter has been called "The Last Breakfast." This is the story of Peter and his friends going fishing and catching nothing all night until Jesus comes. Doing an Internet search on the meaning of the 153 fish count the fishermen caught has generated wild speculation. However, the best explanation seems to be that the count has no particular signficance. Rather a catch of so many large fish is an impressive "fish story" that any fisherman would want to tell. 

Most likely, the story behind the story is that Peter was returning to his first career and Jesus challenges this choice. Notice the comment that the nets did not break. This is a hint that the nets were probably new--an investment in the restart of his first career. Counting the fish would give an indication of the value of the haul. That would make business sense. The question Jesus poses to Peter is, "Do you love me more than these? Jesus is referring to these fish; this career. Or are you, Peter, willing to trust the next phase of your life to Me? Are you willing to spend your life changing the world with me working in you?  We face the same choice of how we focus our lives. 

But you say, "I will wait." Or, "I will call upon His grace at a later time." Be careful. Don't trifle with the grace of God. Get on mission, on vision, on calling with Him now. Don't be focused on the temporal, the here and now. Rather focus on the eternal, or better yet, focus on the Eternal One. 

Nelson Malwitz, Finishers Project/MissionNext Founder

Nelson of Finishers Project Founder wrote:

Can anyone out there find an estimate of the value of 153 large fish in the times of Peter?

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