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We Have a Big God

Luke records the disciples asking Jesus to "Increase our faith." (Luke 17:5) While it is a little strange to us they don't say Please*, at least they make the request. We often ask for wisdom, but when is the last time you asked the Lord to increase your faith? The Lord responds to the disciples in three parts: Mustard Seeds

1) If you have the faith as small as a mustard seed, you can make surprising requests, like ask a tree to throw itself into the sea. (v. 6) When is the last time you made a bold request of the Lord, for something where the Lord was needed to accomplish a task, for His name's sake? After all, we serve a big God. 

2) As servants of the Most High, we are simply to work hard and obey Him in humility. And if we do not hear a word of appreciation from anyone, we must not be discouraged, but keep on going by faith. (v. 7-10) And, separately,

3) This is the story of the ten lepers that asked Jesus for mercy and He healed them. Jesus expresses surprise that only one in the ten returns to give thanks. Then says to the foreigner that returns thanks, "Your faith has healed you." The other nine were also healed as they marched off as lepers to the priest to be declared clean. They all had to excersice great faith as they traveled trusting that the Lord would heal them on the way. So what the purpose of Jesus highlighting the foreigner who returned to give thanks? (v 11-19)

Giving thanks is an acknowledgement that the Lord has accomplished what was asked. The more God responds to our requests to be used by Him, the more likely our faith will be increased so that the next request will be even bigger.

The points are our faith is increased when aspire to greater faith, ask for something crazy big, proceed without a thought of personal recognition, and acknowledge that God is the doer by giving thanks.

Nelson Malwitz, Finishers Project Founder

Nelson of Finishers Project wrote:

* The use of the polite term please does not appear in the New Testament. This word did come into common use until later. Polite expressions such as please and thank you are still not native to many languages in non-western parts of the world.

Robert of Torrance, CA wrote:

Of all the requests I make in my daily prayers, I was stopped in my tracks as I began reading Luke, Chapter 17 this morning. I was humbled by the apostles's request, "Lord, increase our faith." What an insightful request! Of all the requests I often make, and there are many, it seems that this one is the most needful. Jesus said, "If you have the faith of a mustard seed. . ." That is not much faith, but it came from the lips of Jesus, so it must be true. I must confess, this is one request I don't think I have ever made. But, now I know how important it really is, and it will become part of my daily devotions. The Bible has much to teach us.

Thank you for expressing your awe and passion for a close walk with the Lord

of Torrance, CA wrote:

Loved the article and comments. And that a fellow Torrance-ite (Robert) was also struck by the insightful request of the Apostles. It makes me wonder about the link between faith and forgiveness. Faced with the challenge to be forgiving, what aspect of faith will help? Perhaps trusting the wisdom of God's "good, pleasing and perfect will"? Or perhaps trusting that He is truly working "in all things" ... even disturbing things? Thanks again.

Thank you for your response. It is interesting that Jesus covers the relationship of forgiveness and faith from two angels in two separate parables. Matthew 18:21ff and Luke 7:36ff

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