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Service is Worship

When Israel was about to walk away from Egypt under slave master Pharaoh toward the Promised Land, they were instructed to observe the Passover to remember that was the Lord that delivered them.  This was to be their "service" to the Lord (Ex 12:25). The alternate meaning of the Hebrew word "avodah" became worship for this first time at this point. It is the same word translated slave or bondage or heavy work under Pharaoh. The Israelites were to switch masters, leave the service of Pharaoh to the serve Lord.service as worship

The Lord reminded us not to serve money, but to serve God. Paul reminds us we were once slaves to sin, but when we are born anew, our allegiance is switched, or should be because of great gratitude, to serve the Lord. He brought us from the state of slavery to self, now delivered to enjoy Him forever.

We all serve others—our parents, our spouses, our children, friends, employers and more. That is also part of our calling as citizens of the human race. But we first learn from scriptures from the Exodus redemption experience, as a type of salvation, that our first priority, our first joy, comes because we are freed to serve the Master with the time, talent and treasure that He has provided. 

Nelson Malwitz, Finishers Project/MissionNext Founder

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