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From Luke 6: Do not be Bland

Turn AroundBe generous, forgive, and live judgment-free.  This is the way the Lord instructs us to live. But, these characteristics are counterintuitive to the world’s way of thinking in any culture. The hidden message implied in this passage is that this is the way God treats us—the way we want to be treated. He is only asking us to follow His model.

It is not productive to hold tightly to possessions, pride or position. His promise for us is the measure we give, in terms of appreciation, kindness, love, resources and thoughtfulness, for example, is the measure we get from Him, and often from others.

Jesus used the term hypocrite for those of us that want to be treated well, but don’t treat others well. No one aspires to that example. But when we don’t treat others thoughtfully, we are assigned the label hypocrite, by Jesus. It is in this context, Jesus used the term “the blind leading the blind.”

The farmer must work hard to produce a good product. Jesus hints, that it takes living with intentionality to bear good fruit. Using another analogy Jesus suggests to build our lives in Him, it is a strong foundation. If we don’t live intentionally, for a good kingdom-result, it is implied we become bland leading the bland.

A good life outcome, as defined by Jesus, takes a measure of faith. He is asking us to have faith in Him, like the centurion—faith that the Lord will come through, if we are generous, forgiving, and grudge-free, like Him.

What change in attitude will you need to make to be generous with joy, forgiving without grudging and helpful to others, so as not to be bland?

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