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The End of the Earth Has an Address

Cup of Tea Some how we have the sense that the fact that there are unreached people is acceptable in our personal world. But it is true that everyone at the end of the earth, Jesus died for, is known by God and, just like each of us, has a real address. It must be disappointing to God that there are still unreached people after 2000 years since Jesus gave the commission to go and make disciples of all nations. 

Missions is not about "What can I spare?" The question must be "What is it going to take?" For any of us it is risk; abandon; sacrifice; radical dependence on Christ. Be troubled that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord does not fill the earth. Be troubled in your soul that there are addresses that have yet to be visited by a witness for Christ. Be passionately committed to expanding the reach of the gospel.

Gathering at a MissionNext Forum, a Journey Deepens event or a church missions conference for the purpose of promoting the missionary task brings great delight to the heart of God.  May the Lord take great delight in you and in your commitment as you spend the next season of your life considering your role in the missionary task while, at the same time, delighting in God. 

Nelson Malwitz, Founder MissionNext/Finishers Project

Spring, 2014

Colonel(Retired)USAF of Phoenix, AZ wrote:

Not what we can spare, but what will it take to get the job done really struck me. Thanks Nelson!

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