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Attention to Accountability

For long-time Christ-followers, the passage in Luke 4 where Jesus overcomes temptation after a wilderness experience is very familiar and very uncomfortable. After all Jesus is God and had the depth of relationship with the Father to push off a personal agenda to take on God's agenda for His life.Accountability

For each temptation Jesus responded with scripture that had a focus on God. It seems Jesus had a sense that He would be accountable to the Father for his decisions. Of course, we have that very same accountability to the Lord. We will be held accountable for our decisions of the moment and for our decisions for our agenda. For all that it is useful to draw on the depth of scripture and the deep well of relationship with God.

During the wilderness experience the people of Israel grumbled. There is no sense that Jesus grumbled during or after His wilderness experience. That Hebrew word for grumple carries the idea of accusing the person that is offending us. They were about to give Moses as quick trial and carry out the sentence of stoning. But they were really putting God on trial. God was waiting for them to advance by faith. Yet in His grace, God provided.

Likewise God is waiting for us to respond, not with grumbling, but by faith that He can make the most of our lives for His name's sake. Will you and I do that? 

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