Stories of Others on the Same Journey

The Cunninghams Join Wycliffe Bible Translators

By Dave & Linda Cunningham

Dave & Linda Cunningham


We would like to thank Finishers Project for helping us find God’s calling to a ministry.  We were living in Denver and had reached the time in our life when we were ready for retirement, but we knew that retirement without following God’s leading would be wasting our last years.  We wanted our last years to be filled with work for God’s Kingdom, but needed God’s leading as to where we should go.  After filling out the Finishers Project profile, we were immediately referred to Wycliffe Bible Translators.  We learned that there are still 2,000 people groups (about 340 million people), who do not yet have God’s Word in their own language.  We know what a comfort our Bible has been in times of trial.  In this country, we can pick up our Bible and find words of comfort and solace, advice, encouragement, and inspiration, anytime we need it.  Imagine if we had no Bible at all!  So we were convinced that God was leading us to serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  But the Wycliffe location we felt called to was in Orlando, Florida, and we were in Denver.

We had two major problems, and both seemed insurmountable.  First, we had a part-ownership in a commercial building in Colorado, with management responsibilities for that building holding us in our Denver location.  We had tried to sell the building for about a year, and were told by several reputable brokers that the lack of cash flow and the financing limitations made it impossible to find a buyer.  Secondly, the Denver housing market (along with the rest of the country) seemed to make it impossible to sell our house.  But we proceeded with the Wycliffe application, and lots of prayer.  Shortly afterward, we received an offer on the commercial building, and the next day we had an offer on our house.  It seemed that God was not only opening the doors, He was shoving us through them to serve with Wycliffe.  Within 5 months, we moved to the Orlando area, and are now blessed to be serving Wycliffe Bible Translators, helping bring the written Word of God to millions of people who don’t yet have it.  We give all the credit to God but recognize that He used Finishers Project to move us where He wanted us to be.  Thanks to all of you for serving God by helping people like us find God’s calling.