Stories of others on the Journey

Anne LaineAnne Laine

The time has come…I am UGANDA bound!!!

I learned about Finishers Project from a friend at church and completed a Service Profile at  The Finishers site was a HUGE help; the website was very easy to use and a WONDERFUL way to narrow things down.  I ended up talking to about five agencies, based on my matches, and then narrowed it down further to about three that I seriously considered.  After further discussion, I decided that WorldVenture was the best fit for me.  God is great at orchestrating things! 

AND NOW I am very happy to announce I have FULL CLEARANCE to depart for Uganda. That means I am fully funded and medically cleared to GO.   I leave for the field in just a few short weeks. Though the journey has felt VERY long at times, I KNOW this is GOD’s timing, and HE has moved mountains these last few weeks to make that clear. All that I have endured has been worth seeing the confirmation of HIS plan. HE is saying, “YES. IT IS TIME!! NOW GO!”

GOD has an awesome sense of humor, and I have found that HE is in the details!  I had a big moving sale recently, and my main prayer prior to the sale was that HE would just bring people. I live in the back of my complex, and I was worried that no one would find my condo, especially since I had the sale indoors due to the hot weather we were having. Well, HE not only brought people, HE brought a steady stream of them both days of the sale; and not only that, HE brought very SPECIFIC people.  

For instance, a man who knew a person who had just graduated from pharmacy school purchased a pharmacist cartoon poster I had gotten years ago. A lady was overjoyed to find my one lone Pat Obrien’s hurricane glass I purchased years ago; she had just broken one in her set of eight the week of my sale. The best, however, was totally amazing! I had a James Madison University poster I had picked up when I attended school there over 20 years ago. I told a friend helping me set up that there was no way it was going to sell. As far as I knew, no one in Arizona had even heard of the school. Well, HE had other plans and I could hear HIM laughing at me. HE brought a man by the name of James Madison to my sale to buy that poster. The man did not go to school there, but he knew where it was. He collects things bearing his name. Go figure!!! 

WOW! THIS is the GOD who loves me.  THIS is the GOD sending me to Uganda. I really don’t need to worry or stress about the move or the ministry!  HE has it covered.