Events that Enrich

Have an impact for God among the nations -
                                                               and the time of your life!


MISSIONNEXT FORUMS are designed to be a safe place to reflect on how, where, and when the Lord may be leading you to invest more of your time in Kingdom service.  A forum will provide you with insights into options in missions that are surprisingly suited to your skills and passions.  Your vision will expand as you begin to think intentionally about what it would look like to offer the Lord some or all of your remaining years in ministry and interact with others who have an interest in joining the Lord in His passion for people.  You can make a difference in your church, your community, and the nations.

THE JOURNEY DEEPENS RETREATS - Go deeper with Jesus while journeying into missions.  A weekend at one of these retreats will deepen your relationship with Jesus and help you explore what it is like to be a missionary, discover whether a missionary or sender role is God's fit for you, and connect with mission agencies. The core of the retreat and the key distinctive is the discussion groups with six attendees and two missions coaches, which meet four times throughout the weekend. The retreat has groups for high school seniors, college students, young adults, mid-lifers, baby boomers - anyone willing to explore becoming a missionary. Meet others like you and compare maps on the journey. Discuss your compass with missions coaches who have journeyed into missions already.

MILITARY MOBILIZATION ROUNDTABLE   A gathering of stakeholders who minister directly or indirectly to military members to share best practices for staff recruiting.