How Can We Bring a Forum to Our City?


A MISSIONNEXT FORUM provides insights into options in missions that are surprisingly well suited for the skills and passions of each participant.  These conferences are designed to be a safe place to reflect on how, where and when the Lord may be leading each to invest time in Kingdom service.

MissionNext invites individuals and churches that express an interest in having a forum in their area to contact us.

Once it has been determined that there is interest from a number of local churches, the National Forum Director will come to your city to facilitate an informational meeting. The meeting is held at a church facility and is set up by someone locally. The meeting should be attended by pastors, church leaders, and missions committee leaders from 8-10 area churches. If, at this meeting, there is agreement to proceed with a MissionNext Forum, the next steps will be to:

  • Find a volunteer to serve as Forum Coordinator and head up the local committee
  • Find a church that is willing to host the event at their facility* (should be able to host about 250-300 people, provide rooms for workshops, plenary sessions and have a dedicated exhibit area.
  • Establish a local committee made up of members from participating churches to facilitate the promotion, coordination, and preparations for the event.
  • Enlist a minimum of 6 churches (goal of 10) to participate in and sponsor the event. 

If you would like to learn more about what is involved in hosting a MissionNext Forum in your area, please review the Forum Overview, then complete the form below.

Leadership Team Resources - What you need to know

To explore having a MissionNext Forum in your metropolitan area, complete and submit the form below. Note:  MissionNext Forums are limited to cities within the United States.

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