Benefits of Church Participation

How will our church benefit from a MissionNext Forum?

Your promotion of and participation in a local MissionNext event will help you, your staff and your leadership team in several ways:

  1. It will challenge singles and couples to consider a second career in missions or short-term service with eternal impact.
  2. You will receive insights into how you can engage your people to get involved locally and globally by learning from national research and sharing best practices.
  3. Raise the quality of your local ministry as your church begins to think outside its walls.
  4. Enhance the ongoing mission focus of your church (or even a country-specific focus you may have).
  5. Provide options for your people. A MissionNext Forum enables you to bring the worldwide missions initiative to their doorstep. Our partner organizations offer more than 16,000 opportunities around the world and in the United States, with time commitments from short-term trips to a full-time career.

How will a MissionNext Forum serve our people?

Adults see this as a safe place to explore alternatives to the world's conventional retirement thinking. There is so much more to be gained by offering their remaining years wholly for the Kingdom of God.

  • Connecting them with peers
    Forum attendees will meet peers who are asking the same life questions as they are. They will also have a chance to talk with those who have already made a transition from their first career. This is an opportunity for them to discuss how they can creatively use their life skills and experience.
  • Exposure to significant opportunities
    Mission agency representatives will help people to quickly learn about a wide array of real life options for service either here in the States or overseas. Delegates can investigate organizations where their skills can be utilized in part-time ministry, short-term assignments, or a full time career.
  • Solution-Finding
    The breakout sessions focus on key issues, such as learning to identify spiritual gifts and passions, drafting a second-half mission statement, and assessing the type of ministry that best fits them. They can compare real opportunities for ministry service.
  • In Process
    Above all, the MissionNext Forum is a place where it's OK to be "in process." It is a safe environment where they can investigate opportunities at home and abroad without pressure. Wherever they are in the process, these tools and breakout sessions are designed to help them.


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