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A growing number of churches are becoming aware of Finishers Project. It has always been the vision of Finishers to help local churches mobilize their Boomers to serve in significant, second-half ministry opportunities, especially in the area of global missions. As Don Parrott, President of Finishers, states, "We exist to help Boomers connect with world-wide opportunities for significant impact!"

The Baby Boom generation, that huge cohort of approximately 78 million born between 1946 and 1964, currently ranges in age from 44 to 62.  Four million Americans will turn 60 this year, and they will be joined by another 4 million each year for the next 18 years. This is unprecedented!

Consider also that ...

  • Many boomer post-retirement plans are being built around significance, mission and impact. Legacy is going to be a significant concern for many. 
  • Of these 78 million Boomers, around 12 million are Christ-followers. Research has found that over half - 6 million! - would consider a ministry role with global impact in their latter years. This represents a larger force for worldwide impact than we have ever seen from the North American church.

Don Parrott sums it up quite well when he says, "This has not taken God by surprise. It may be taking some of us by surprise, but we believe God has been building this team of global impact workers for such a time as this.  We believe the next 20 years will see a profound kingdom impact in this world, as believing Boomers use the skills and passions that have developed this country to spread the presence of Jesus around the globe. That is certainly our passion at Finishers."

Take a few minutes to scan the menu of resources we currently offer. We are here to serve you and your church.

Please contact us and let's talk!

Dr. Tom Adelsman
Finishers Project
3303 S. Lindsay Rd, Suite 108
Gilbert, AZ 85297


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