Global Statistics

For every 10 people in the world: *


is a Bible-believing Christ-follower.

Two are people that have heard and "fallen away" or have chosen to reject Christ as Savior and Lord of their lives.

Three have not had a presentation of the gospel but live within linguistic, ethnic and cultural earshot of the Christian message. If every Christian would take the initiative to share the gospel with those in their wider circle of influence, another 3 in 10 in the world would have the opportunity to choose Christ.
Four do not live within linguistic, ethnic and cultural distance to hear the claims of Christ, largely due to political barriers.


Ninety percent (90%) of all Christian resources are in the hands of North Americans. All ethnic groups in the US and Canada have a huge responsibility, before the Lord, to take the gospel to the world.

To take the gospel to those 4 in 10 that have not heard of Jesus, there is a far greater need for people with non-theological talents, degrees and skills than practicing evangelists. For example, attorneys, business men and women, English language teachers, teachers in all fields (technical and humanities) with an MS degree or higher can enter many countries to teach or mentor in their profession where conventional missionaries can not gain access.

We are called to go. Those that have accepted Christ are qualified to be witnesses of God's grace. The rewards are great, especially in eternity.

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After His years of ministry, the last request of Jesus was to "make disciples of all nations." It may be that in glory the first question He will ask is, "How did you do with my last request?"
What would your answer be if you were called home now?
What could your answer be if you were called home in another 25 years?

* Stats heard in a message by D. McCarthy, President, International Institute of Christian Studies