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"Asset Protection & Conservative Investing"

 (Oct. 17, 2012 -- Dale Wolberg)

Asset protection & conservative investing are tools that can make a huge impact in our futures.

"Orality--Getting It Right"

 (June 20, 2012 -- Dr. Vicky Warren)

The Orality Movement has picked up steam over the past year and appears to be at the top of the priority list in many mission strategies for 2012. How do we get to the anatomy of storytelling and the heart of the gospel message in a reproducible format in all communities?  This webinar will take a look at the application in our own day to day activities of telling our salvation story in such a way that we stir the listener to action! As the ones bringing the message, it's our responsibility to communicate in the heart language of our audience. 

"Coaching Reaches Far and Wide"

 (May 30, 2012 -- Sherri Dodd)

Coaching is a tool that makes a huge impact in many significant areas of Christian mission work. Listen to leaders from three different mission coaching organizations as they discuss how coaching works for on-the-field staff development. You'll hear how coaching crosses cultures and flourishes as Asian pastors coach each other. You'll learn how coaching can be used for marriage enrichment with missionary couples going through transitions. The stories will warm your heart and make you eager to learn coaching skills and use them in your circle of influence. 

"An Open Door Strategy to Unreached Nations"

 (April 25, 2012 -- Phill Sandahl)

Phill discusses Tentmaking as used by the Apostle Paul, which enables professionals to reach people in countries otherwise closed to traditional missionaries.

"Coaching: A Second Career in Missions?"

(March 21, 2012 -- Sherri Dodd)


"Coaching: The Missing Link in Missions"

(Jan. 18, 2012 -- Sherri Dodd)  


December 2011 Webinar

(Dec. 14) by

Jeff Springer:  


Spiritual Maturity: A Lifetime Pursuit

November 2011 Webinar


Vicky Warren:  


Why the Orality Movement Needs to Begin at Home First

October 2011 Webinar


Mark Stebbins:  


Every Believer a Missions Mobilizer

September 2011 Webinar


Dr. Paul McKaughan:  

The Future of the U.S. Church

& Its Mission

 The Future of the U.S. Church and Its Mission



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