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    # 1  36607  FL   Affirmations§
    We are looking for Business Executives wanting to license/lead Genesis: The Business Workshop in companies, churches and associations here or abroad. The workshop focuses on how the Bible teaches us to lead and build a business on a Solid Foundation.
    # 2  38667  WI   Affirmations-
    It would be great if you could bring one of your regional conferences to Milwaukee, WI. It would be great if - for a low cost or reasonable cost - you could make some vocational, spiritual gift, interest or peronality assessments or test batteries available to folks thinking about options. The consulting company that is affiliated with you - I don't remember their name but they are located in Western U.S. and provide "career counseling" are simply to expensive to take advantage of opportunity.
    # 3  44105  TX   Affirmations-
    I feel that you do an excellent job and I have just recently discovered how a great tool you are.
    # 4  43916  WA   Affirmations-
    I feel this is a great service to many people. Thank you.
    # 5  33939  B.C.   Affirmations-
    Doing well and got a lot of contacts, it's just that right now I would have to feel a definate calling from God to go to particular area. I may go next year on short term mission to Africa with my church
    # 6  43902  TX   Affirmations-
    Finishers has opened up many opportunities to enter missions which I might never have found. I received a far greater response than anticipated! This process is only a few months old for me so the input I give you is based on very limited experience with Finishers. Concerning hindrances- if not sensing called means losing the feeling of being called that could be a big hindrance. Also, not feeling close to God could be a big hindrance- though feelings are notoriously unreliable, they come and go.
    # 7  38476  MI   Affirmations-
    The areas of missions that interest me have changed from TESOL to church planting & multiplication, so I have as yet not used Finishers to help me on this. At some point in the near future I do believe Finishers could be a very valuable service in locating organizations that need church planters It would be very helpful if Finishers would communicate more often with me. It is easy to forget about you and then we all lose. You are a valuable resource to folks in career transition to missions! I am exactly in the situation of moving to missions as a second career. Please pray for me. God bless you and keep up the good work! David J. DeVos (616) 706-7257 Numbers 6: 24-26
    # 8  38476  MI   Affirmations-
    The areas of missions that interest me have changed from TESOL to church planting & multiplication, so I have as yet not used Finishers to help me on this. At some point in the near future I do believe Finishers could be a very valuable service in locating organizations that need church planters
    # 9  36245  GA   Affirmations-
    Just beginning my investigation. Am not independantly wealthy, and not inclined to consider 'fully supported' type missions work--much more inclined to 'tent making' or similar collaborative situation. I appreciate the "Finishers" focus and desire to ready the generation of Boomers reaching first/secular career threshholds or season of career change timetables and interestes.
    # 10  33940  BC   Affirmations-
    Finishers Project provides a very valuable service. We attended a conference (Dallas) several years ago that inspired us to serve overseas for 3 yaers following retirement. I have referred several people to the organization. Keep up the great work!
    # 11  39894  LA   Affirmations-
    Exploring these options has helped me to feel confident that I am doing what God wants me to do right now, here in New Orleans. I am a public school teacher -- and hope to continue in this role, here in Orleans Parish.
    # 12  41256  CO   Affirmations-
    We were hoping there would be a regional conference in the Denver, Colorado or Rocky Mtn. area this year since we were unable to attend the Colorado Springs conference in 2005. A 2007 conference in the Denver area would be great to see! We are still in the early searching stages of potential mission opportunites. It seems a bit overwhelming just trying to narrow down all of the possibilities. So far, the web links to the many different opportunities to serve have been helpful and informative.
    # 13  36186  SC   Affirmations-
    Your site has helped me to see the possiblities out there for my service. My failure to connect is on my end.
    # 14  40576  TX   Affirmations-
    We have benefited from everything provided - we are in the experimental stage - and expect to do this primarily through short-term trips. Our church is very active in missions, so some of these trips may be through our church and some may be through agencies that we are already familar with. We know we want to become full-time at some point(7 years or so from now), and finishers has been very helpful in keeping the goal before us and enabling us to scope out an array of opportunities as well as agencies. You are a "safe" place to check things out. Thanks!
    # 15  38951  MN   Affirmations-
    I would love to know that some sort of organization is trying to help missionaries from various agencies that are in the same geographic locale connect with each other so that they can work together, coordinate activities, and complement the work that each other are doing. Maybe Finishers would be a place to start such a database and in so doing, find places where the perceived needs might be filled between agencies. Just a thought that has been in the back of my mind as I have perused through what seems like about 90 agencies in your databasel I love the way the finishers has such a central clearing house for information, however, I find it very annoying that I cannot search for opportunities down to the country level such as one can do at the SIM sight. I have to tell you, I started using the Finishers sight more out of curiosity how God might POSSIBLY use my interests and talents and gifts in missions, and was pretty suprised to find a match and even more suprised to head off to Ireland on a STM and meet someone from one of our own (non-denominational, independent) Grace Gospel Fellowship churches in Uruguay. Clearly God led us both to that place, but He used the Finisher's project to do it (at least for me)!! Now, through some of the investigating I did of a few other missions agencies, and through prayer for a specific language group in Bolivia, God has led me into a situation where I should be able to help these people. This opportunity was not through the FInishers program, but the way God worked to burden my heart for these people started because of contacts made through this program. Keep up the good work. I have told many people about the Finisher's Project.
    # 16  35683  VA   Affirmations-
    Continue to match ministries with people wanting to work in full or part time in missions. Thanks for your help.
    # 17  39145  MT   Affirmations-
    We are looking at retiring in 2008 and will be interviewing with South American Missionary Society this summer. Hopefully we'll do a 3 week internship/orientation in 2007 before going to language school. One thing I like about your group is that you aren't focused primarily on short-term missions like Mission Builders Int'l is. May the Lord bless your efforts to connect people to mission agencies.
    # 18  43849  TX   Affirmations-
    Finishers gave me just enough guidance to be able to take the ball and run. I especially appreciate the association with the IDAK group. They finished connecting the dots.
    # 19  41623  CA   Affirmations-
    I refer my friends interested in missions to your website to explore all of the possibilities - they've had a good experience. :) Thank you!
    # 20  36345  GA   Affirmations-
    Thanks for testing our interest level. For me the value of Finishers has been the Conferences, where I found many things to do with my life and encouragement to do them. Thanks you and God Bless You!
    # 21  37624  OH   Affirmations-
    We're leaving on our 5th short term mission to Lithuania Christian College this summer. Although we found this opportunity on the Lutheran website, we know that they are part of Finishers and many volunteer teachers find information about them through Finishers. Keep up the good work!
    # 22  44068  Ontario   Affirmations-
    I am impressed with how quickly your organization put me in touch with two missions projects. I also appreciate your willingness provide information for future time frames. Thank you for not counting me too 'old' to be of value. Judy
    # 23  35468  MD   Affirmations-
    I didn't match as high as I would have liked with the type of ministry I'm most interested in pursuing---ministry to orphans/short term trips. It may be due to timing/current circumstances. But on my own I have found out about Buchner Orphan Care International. Please let me know if you know any reason why I should not consider them for the future. I am currently homeschooling the last of our (natural born) children and his being only 6 has me tied up for a while longer. I'm very excited about the concept of Finishers. I thought you provided a great service and will recommend it to fellow mission seekers. I pray God will grow and use you to His glory.
    # 24  35697  VA   Affirmations-
    even though i'm not close to "finishing" i still found the matching service and agency information quite helpful and useful as i pursued summer missions while in college
    # 25  37971  IN   Affirmations-
    THANKS For all you do.
    # 26  38699  WI   Affirmations-
    The hindrance section is very diffivcult to respond to because it's written in double negastive phrasing... 'No sense of calling not a hindrance...' is awkward. I'm not sure my answers express my thoughts in this sectrion. The Finishers natl conference we attended was pivotal in our thinking about the future. We still actively consider serving in some capacity down the road. Right now we're sandwiched. We had very helpful input in thinking about our finances and life plans. We made life changes to accomodate service. We are investigating overseas possibilities thru our work (especially my husband's training as a medical academic.) We feel our contribution can be as meaningful going thru academic doors to bring us to people of another culture as thru a church effort or mission agency. We feel more freedom to serve in ways that uniquely fit us in a job role. Signing 'statements of faith,' and raising funds can be problematic for us (we may not be conservative enough for most sending churches and agencies... :-) In the meantime, many local opportunities to serve are both meaningful and wonderful places to plug in. We love your organization. We never forget how that conference changed and informed our thinking. Thank you, Kim Schiedermayer
    # 27  43929  SC   Affirmations-
    We received many contacts. I found the contacts very helpful to decide where my wife and I wanted to serve. Thank you, Tully Stoudemayer
    # 28  43088  WA   Affirmations-
    I have done nothing more than fill out your profile and receive 77 responses from interested missionary agencies. I am persuing one at this moment. The last two years have been focused on God getting me ready to serve. I have not utilized your great services that you provide! At the moment the desire of 77 ministries for my service was enough to have God get my attention. I wish to continue direct contact with the one missionary agency to see if I can work with them this summer. I made contact with them and you the same day. They are also one of your partners as well. Thank you for your service and encouragement you have already given me. Where appropriate, I have shared your service with many people.
    # 29  42041  CA   Affirmations-
    After retirement, we went on a 10 month missions assignment (1996-97) without knowing about the Finishers Project. At our ages (68, 69) experience and situation, we already have many contacts for exploring ministry opportunities, so I'm not sure that Finishers would be of great benefit to us personally. However, I am enthusiastically supportive of your vision and the need for your organization.
    # 30  35699  VA   Affirmations-
    I was blessed by the Finishers/ACMC National Conference in Atlanta a few years ago. I hope that another National Conference will be held on the East Coast.

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