Finishers Project Mission Statement

Woman with construction workersConnecting mid-life adults with global impact opportunities for God.


About Finishers Project:
The FINISHERS PROJECT is a service organization designed to provide information and pathways for people to become engaged in missions, either on a short-term basis or as a second-half career. The materials are tuned to the Baby Boomer generation. As a generation the Lord has put it in their hearts to do something different, something more lasting, something eternally significant. They are the healthiest and best-educated generation of evangelical retirees in history. Boomers will challenge conventional retirement thinking and use their unique giftedness for the Kingdom of God.  
In addition, the next generation is now approaching mid-life, and Finishers Project is increasingly serving them through its website.
Finishers Project was founded in a local church setting, to stand in the gap between evangelicals in the pew and sending organizations.
It is not a sending agency but provides the service of bringing people and organizations together.  It is a safe place for people to explore real opportunities in missions.  It is still true after 2000 years that the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few. 
In 2006 Finishers Project became a stand-alone charitable 501(c)3 organization registered in the state of Arizona. In the start-up phase it was a ministry of Walnut Hill Community Church (WHCC), Bethel, CT. The church provided the accounting function. Funding for the movement is provided by donations from churches and private individuals, by partner agency fees and conference fees. For complete financial reporting on Finishers simply email the Finishers office at 
The vision for Finishers Project sprang from the heart of Nelson Malwitz, one of the founding elders of WHCC in Connecticut. He defines himself as the "generic evangelical baby boomer," having left full-time employment in corporate America in March 2000. He discovered that not only was there no number to call to get into missions as a second career, but there were unexpected barriers to entry that ought not to exist. With persistent effort he assembled the mission community and brought together the brightest minds in missions in order to bring Finishers Project to fruition. 
God's timing and direction have been clearly seen as this vision has gained momentum. The movement was launched with the full support of more than 80 leading mission agencies and many churches across the country. The ideas and methods of this movement have also attracted the attention of other sending countries.