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How Much Forgiveness?

How much we honor Jesus should not matter how much we perceive we have been forgiven. We must, by faith, live in full appreciation of being forgiven.

Do not be Bland

The farmer must work hard to produce a good product. It takes living with an intentional focus on Jesus to bear good fruit.

MIssionNext Advice: Don't Retire Early

The best-laid post-retirement plans to travel, relax or pursue a hobby can lose its luster when interest wanes over time. Find a rewarding next career at Finishers Project!

An Imprecise God

When the Lord gives instructions to take Jericho, how the task should be done is unclear from the start and the directions are imprecise.

What is Acceptable?

Missions is not about "What can I spare?" The question must be "What is it going to take?"

Isaiah Saw the Lord

The Lord needed something! The Lord needed someone to go. Isaiah was so appreciative for being redeemed that he offered to be the one to be sent. To do what?

Gates of Hell and Opportunity

The gates opened of their own accord. It seems Jesus was fulfilling His promise that those confining gates, those "gates of hell" would not prevail against Peter and the mission for which Peter was called.

God Getting Our Attention

John 21 asks the question, "What is your fish?" Is it your position, your plans, or comfort and convenience? Where is your focus? Is it on the earth or on eternity?

The Work of Worship

The Israelites were to switch masters, leave the service of Pharaoh to the serve Lord. (Ex 12:25; 13:5) Likewise we are to switch masters from serving self to serving the Lord.

The Lord's Requirements

As with Pharoah, our life is a response to the question, "Who is the Lord that I should obey Him?"

Lord, Increase Our Faith

We often ask for wisdom, but when is the last time you asked the Lord to increase your faith?

Through the Eye of What?

The camel had to stripped of anything weighing him down, get on his knees and likely it needed to be pulled or pushed through to the other side of a small hole in the wall. (See a picture of the eye of the needle.)

Your Jesus Cup

It does not matter what the circumstances are, we must be satisfied with Jesus--relying on Him to fill our cup. With our full cups Peter urges us to set our hope fully upon the grace that is coming to you. Grace coming to me?

Overcoming Ourselves

God is waiting for us to respond, not with grumbling, but by faith that He can make the most of our lives for His name's sake. Will you and I do that?

Humble Beginnings

It is no coincidence that Jesus called us to an attitude of humility. Jesus is our Example in Chief.

Other 3 Billion

Are you ready for a little futurist thinking?

Trading Up

Why does surrender, commitment and devotion seem so scary?

How Faith Grows

Elijah learns progressive faith in a competent God.

Hell: Not for Eternity?

Can we live our life as we please, then figure it out after we pass from this planet?


Don’t settle for activities that fail to energize you. Find areas of service that you are passionate about. What is that? Read on ...

What Does the Lord Require?

A passage familiar to those of many faiths: And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

Take Off Your Shoes?

Throughout scripture, it was not "God has a wonderful plan for your life." It was "God has a wonderful plan," and you are part of it.

The God of Small Beginnings

But you say, the problems of the world, home and abroad, are too great. What can one person do?

The Cost of Non-Discipleship

What do you prefer? A Jesus that caters to our comfort? Or a Jesus that calls us to risk it all for Him? He works in us as we permit. Our choice.

Outrageously Good Outcomes

All other gods want to be pleased and appeased. But our God is gracious. He is so anxious to bless, that given any excuse he will do so. We are well resourced in Him for outrageously good outcomes.

Practice Paying Attention

There seems to be a cause-and-effect relationship between Moses' (and our) willingness to pay attention and God's willingness to speak

What's the Big Deal?

Daring to think big to honor a big God?

The Unscripted Life

Jesus did nothing to organize what might happen to His body after His death on the cross. Yet things worked out in a remarkable way. In the same way there is little likelihood that we can organize our future. We must walk in complete trust that He will make a path for our steps.

Birth From Barrenness

The nation of Israel starts with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Each wife, Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel were barren. For them giving birth was a miracle. The virgin birth was a miracle, as is the miracle of spiritual birth and the miracle of multiplying fruit from a surrendered life.

The Hidden Challenge

You Have Built What?

The Value of Fruit

Tortoise Finishes First

Aesop wrote memorable (sticky) fables. Jesus spoke surprising and sticky stories, such as rich guys finish last.

It is Gather or Scatter!

He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me, scatters.

Opening Doors

Many people seem to freeze at the notion of serving in ministry because there is no sense the Lord is calling them - because doors do not seem open. It is lost on us that the Lord ...

A Difficult Spot

There is a passage in Jeremiah that never made it into a memory verse packet.

Risky Business

It is a risky business not to risk something for God.

Plans the Lord Has

We are fond of applying Jer 29:11 to our lives. With Israel in a tough spot, the Lord says, "I know the plans I have for you ..."

Discipling the Nations

As a generation we are more equipped to disciple the nations than at any other time in history.

Why Missions?

Jesus applied no qualifier as to who should be involved in training the people of the nations. There is no exclusion as to age, social status or ethnic origin.