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I'm Deciding

I have identified my spiritual gifts and passions and have found a few places where I can contribute. Also, I know all the things I am not good at. However, I am not sure that I have found the right place yet. I am willing to go anywhere God calls me, but I want to know that it is Him that is calling me to be involved in a work that He is doing.

What are some next steps for me?

1. Active faith starts when we choose to step out in a strength not our own. Know the Bible. Know the Lord. Pray audacious prayers to our big God. [John 15:7]

2. Boldly act on God's supernatural answers. You will find yourself in the middle of a move of God. He makes a path for our steps. [Ps. 85:13]

3. Commit to move at the speed of God. Complete a Service Profile, that is a ministry/marketplace resumé on this website and pursue appropriate matches for who you are. After completing a brief survey, download a white paper, Finding Your Calling. If you have completed a profile, review and pursue the matching organizations.

4. Determine to see God do something impossible with your life. Open your heart and mind to God's vision for your life. [Heb 11, esp. v. 6]

5. Elect to do more than survive the world or work or family or a situation, but resolve to purposely change it allowing the Lord to work through you. [Phil 2:13]

Finishers has compiled the best of appropriate resources to help you prepare for service in missions.

Schedule your vacation or your summer to participate in a Short-term Mission Trip. A short-term trip will give you the opportunity to experience cross-cultural ministry with all the challenges, joys, blessings and rewards that come from working side-by-side with those who are serving full-time in various parts of the world. The danger of a short-term introductory trip: you will fall in love with the people. And you will fall in love with God again as you become dependent on Him. 

Feedback - A Real Example:

I'm 25 years old. A few years ago, while going to college, I began looking at what to do after graduating (get a job, graduate school, perhaps seminary). A friend recommended I do a short-term trip with an organization he knew. So for my summer break I went for three months. When I came back home, I decided to look at what possibilities there were for me to go to the mission field and still be able to use the skills I had learned in college, but I didn't have a clear idea of what I was looking for. So, I set out to look for organizations online. I spent a few weeks not really getting anywhere; actually, just getting discouraged. I found a lot of the organizations' websites, but it was becoming too much - too much information to take in, too much to read.

I then came across the Finishers website. Wow! I didn't have to do the grunt work myself anymore! I set up my profile and within a few days I started receiving emails from all sorts of organizations. Creating a profile on the Finishers website was probably the best thing I could do in finding opportunities to serve God on the mission field. Through the Finishers website I was able to find how and where I would serve God. Having this tool where we have a single repository to get connected with mission organizations is just awesome. Whenever I talk to people who are interested in missions, I always tell them about the Finishers website. It is a great starting point for anyone looking at missions.

William, Portland, OR, May 2011