Testimonies from Finishers/MissionXplore Partner Agencies


Found! The Perfect Executive Director!

Through our partnership with MissionNext, God has brought us the perfect missionary executive director for our new children's home in Guatemala! The added blessing is they only live two hours from us and one hour from our orphanage consultant. God made the first leg of this grand adventure very easy. Thank you so much for your ministry that has enabled us to find God's choice.  - Pastor Jeff

Agency Testimonies

Folks Going - Stepping Up Our Involvement

We have had a number of folks go out on short-term mission trips with us who found us through Finishers, MissionNext, or Journey Deepens events or your website. I am excited that we will have representatives at all of the upcoming events in 2015! I look forward to seeing what God will do in the lives of those He’s calling to serve with Rafiki.

Good Connections

We were able to identify two volunteers and two missionary candidates.  Your network connected us with a number of individuals that have history with Awana and with others that align well with our missionary priorities.  Your team was so very helpful and provided a great deal of assistance to me personally. Thank you for all that you and the Finishers Project do to prepare and connect those led of God to the missions field.  Brenda L, Awana

Response to a Top Need Listing

Roberta submitted her profile on the Finishers website Feb 2011, and was recruited by one of our Limited Partners. She actually connected with them by responding to one of their Top Needs (It was interesting to see that she only came in as a 67% match for the agency. The agency may never have looked at her profile had she not contacted them regarding their Top Need.)  Just one year later, February of 2012, Roberta is now recruiting for this agency and has signed them up for another Limited Partnership! 

Search Completed

Global Sharing signed up for a Limited Partnership this year; within the 90 days of our partnership, we found a new President for our organization!  The successful candidate had posted his profile on the Finishers Project website.  He lived close to the Global Sharing office and some of the board members already knew him, but weren’t aware that he was looking for a new position.  It is interesting to watch how God works in making connections!

Finishers - A Treasure Trove

Turkish World Outreach has made contacts with numerous people who have shown interest in our area of ministry.  Two of these are already candidates: one family wants to serve in Northern Cyprus, and a single man is planning on serving in Turkey.  We have also linked up with a young family that has moved to our headquarters city; she is volunteering by doing IT work in the home office while he works at another job.  We are thankful for the Finishers Project as it focuses on people who have some Christian maturity and life experiences, which are very useful in sharing Jesus with people who have never heard of Him.  We are also thankful for the website, which has a treasure trove of people who are being led by the Holy Spirit to put aside their secular work and wealth to pursue work which will make a difference for eternity. - Dave S, TWO

Church Planters for CMF

Andrew is a new recruit for CMF.  He and his wife plan to work in West Africa.  They will be church planting and working with our Community Health Evangelism program.  This program helps to transform individual lives physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually with the hopes of bringing about change to the whole community.  We are very excited to have them working with CMF.  May the Lord continue to bless your work for Him! - Donna A, CMF International 

A Pastor Now Encourages Pastors Overseas

Gary and Tammy are a direct result of a Profile that they completed on the Finishers web site.  Gary has been pastoring a successful church in Michigan for a number of years.  They have completed the SIM membership process for long term ministry and are ready to go overseas to work with and encourage pastors. - Pat S, SIM

Dorm Parents a Great Asset

Greetings from Black Forest Academy located in beautiful Kandern, Germany.  We are a boarding school for children of missionaries who work in over 40 different countries.  Brant and Laura will be coming in August to serve as dorm parents in a girls' dorm.  We are excited about the great asset they will be to our residence life program.  Thank you, Finishers, for being a useable tool. - Carol P, Black Forest Academy 

Top Leadership Position Filled

George and his wife had come back from the mission field to settle in Florida near their daughter, but then sensed a strong call to return to the country they had previously served in.  Having seen his Finishers profile, I made a "random" call to George and shared the vision of our organization.  He was immediately interested and he and his wife made plans to visit us.  In that visit, and our subsequent conversations, God confirmed George and Barbara's call to join our team.  George now holds one of our top leadership positions, serving as General Manager in the city in Southeast Asia where we have the largest team.  His background, his personal call to servant leadership, and his skills have made him a perfect fit for the job.  Yeah, God!  Myrna - LDI 

Educational Positions Filled

We have a list of people that have come to our organization to fill a number of positions and on their application listed Finishers as their referral.  They were either placed as university faculty or faculty in our English language institute or summer language institute.  - Sarah, LCC

Leadership Trainer for Pastors

Just wanted to let you know that Jerry is now endorsed with WorldVenture to serve on multiple short-term trips for leadership training for pastors.  He will begin his first trip this summer in Africa. - Lucy, WV 

Serving in the Middle East

Dane and Darlene are in the process of raising support to go and serve for a year in the Middle East.  They started their journey to serve overseas on the Finishers web site.  Thanks so much for your service. - Greg, OM-USA 

Couple to Serve in Oceania

I wanted to let you know about David and April who are going to PNG in 2008 to work with New Tribes Mission! - Mandy, NTM