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What If I Am Not from the United States?



I am NOT from the United States. What sort of connections can I expect?



It is often not possible for American mission agencies to facilitate people who wish to join them from outside the US. Only the larger organizations have the capability to have someone contact you and only if they have a recruiting office in your country. We would suggest that you first consult your church and missions leaders in your country for opportunities that best fit you. 

If you do complete and submit a Finishers service profile, we suggest that you evaluate each ministry that appears as a high match for your profile and visit their websites. This step will allow you to determine for yourself the likelihood of finding a position with a particular mission agency. If it looks like that agency has an office in your country, take the initiative to contact them. You can link to their websites directly from the Finishers Project website; their web address is also listed on their ministry profile. Be advised that most organizations require you to raise your financial support.


Each country is responsible before the Lord to prepare its own missionaries for service.  Nevertheless, some US organizations assist properly trained workers or workers with a proven record of effective ministry in non-Western countries. 

One such ministry is Christian Aid. See www.christianaid.org.