Finishers & MissionXplore Survey Summary

Survey Results

The table below shows the responses of 8171 people, more than 90% from the United States.

 Age 20-3023%  
 Age 31-4016%  
 Age 41-5021%  
 Age 51-6026%  
 Age over 60  13%  
 (Age Left Blank)  13%  

  Question Your Response
  1) Are you experiencing a prompting from God or the Holy Spirit to consider some type of ministry service in the future?
 Yes  89%  
 No  1%  
 Unsure  10%  
  2) As you consider ministry service are you seeking similar types of job duties as in your present occupation or are you wanting to explore new and different types of job duties?
 Similar  25%  
 New  36%  
 Unsure  39%  
  3) Do you have a specific ministry goal in mind or are you seeking help in identifying a ministry that fits your aptitudes and aspirations?
 Have a goal  28%  
 Seeking Help  61%  
 Unsure  11%  
  4) If you are married, are you considering a ministry where you will work as a team with your spouse/family or a ministry where one of you will be the primary worker?
 Not married  39%  
 Team  29%  
 Primary  18%  
 Unsure  14%  
  5) Are you considering a short-term or longer term engagement?
 Less than a month  7%  
 1 to 6 months  8%  
 6 mo to 2 yrs  4%  
 Summer opportunities  2%  
 Part Time  4%  
 Part of year  3%  
 Full Time  37%  
 Unsure  30%  
  6) Are you expecting to be self supporting or are you planning to raise your own financial support?
 Fully self supporting  15%  
 Partially self supporting  23%  
 Must raise support  31%  
 Unsure  31%  
  7) How do you envision the next step in the process to determine where you fit best in ministry service? I would like to ...
 Preview Literature  21%  
 Talk to agency leaders  15%  
 Attend a conference  5%  
 Visit the agency nat'l office  1%  
 Take a short term trip  7%  
 Get help with matching  44%  
 Network with other finishers  7%  
  8) Do you seek to fill a ministry vacancy? Or do you prefer to develop a customized ministry position which fits your aptitudes and aspirations?
 Fill a vacancy  24%  
 Custom position  17%  
 Unsure  59%  
  9) Are you seeking a management level, a staff level, or an entry level position in ministry service?
 Management level  12%  
 Staff level  19%  
 Entry level  20%  
 Unsure  48%  
  10) Do you have a burden or passion for a particular country, people or language group?
 Not thought about this  15%  
 No location preference  44%  
 North America only  11%  
 A specific country  16%  
 A specific people group  9%  
 A specific language  5%